Facing retirement and a stagnant housing market in May 2012, I was seeking solutions for managing the growing expense of maintaining a five bedroom home purchased at the height of the market. My lender had, for more than a year, refused to consider a modification and under water (and drowning) I did not believe that I had any options. A friend referred me to Keith who reviewed options and consequences for keeping or selling the house. He never pushed me to make a decision and waited until I had an opportunity to consider the information that he provided and undertake some research on my own. I decided to pursue a short sale. It took seven months of negotiating with the bank (that, by the way, was private and had not accepted federal funds and so was not open to government policies to help homeowners under water with hardships) and two separate buyers before I closed. Keith was there encouraging patience and in daily contact with the negotiator. He is a strong relationship builder. I referred a neighbor, also facing retirement, who had the same lender. He was able to rely on the negotiator assigned to my short sale to complete her short sale in four months!

He is a solution finder and a real professional.


I am writing you this letter for the outstanding job that was done for getting my short sale started and approved within a timely manner. We started this journey in September and within 3 months my house was a done deal. You kept our relationship business, friendly and professional. You were always there to answer my questions and give advice when needed. Even when I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing, you reassured me what my options were and did not put any pressure on me to make a decision. You told me the choice was mine. You took time out of your day to help me and my family look for housing even when you did not have to do it. I appreciate your kindness and professionalism and your business is always appreciated.

Tamisha Canady

I called Keith Tate in August 2012 to discuss a situation I was in regarding a house I had purchased in 2007. We met in person to go over my options; and decided a shortsale would be the best way to go. Keith was very upfront and honest with me regading my situation and everything that was going to happen. He was very patient and he kept me informed on every step. In November 2012 I sold my property. I was so happy! If it had not been for Keith, his knowledge and guidence I would still be stuck with that house. I am so glad I made that call and Keith agreed to help me. I gladly recommend him to anyone.

Keisha DeshieldsCAPITOL HEIGHTS, MD 20743