Want To Know More About Investing? 


…is the average or typical investor?

The average investor is a working professional seeking to earn extra income to offset expenses, secure their own sense of retirement, and more importantly to gain wealth, which is defined as a great quantity of money, property, or other riches.

I can teach you the beginning and advanced investing techniques, also, how to use the tax code to shelter your personal and investment income. The demand for property remains high in the 21st century due to individuals increasing their investment portfolios with real estate. The average value of a property increases more every year for investors who are willing to commit new money to upgrading existing properties, redevelop, renovate, or expand these properties. A well balanced diversified portfolio, partnered with regularly re-balancing your portfolio, can produce higher returns with less risk.

  • ~ Nasdaq Composite – 39.6%
  • ~ Dow Jones Industrials – 6.9%
  • ~ 1 Year CD – 4.97%
  • ~ Money Market Fund – 5.5%
  • ~ Homes – 7%

With an eye to future trends, rather than past occurrences, real estate remains a solid investment vehicle that will stay intact.



…real estate investment options do you have when seeking to reach your financial goals?

Refinancing allows you to arrange new financing to make home improvements that will certainly appreciate the value of your property over time.

Upgrading is another investment strategy, or more commonly known as “trading up”. An example of this is to build up the equity (the difference between your debt and the value of the property) in your current property and then use the equity as a down payment on a new more expensive property.

Renting out properties gives an owner a huge amount of flexibility in adjusting rents to meet market conditions to help cash flow and offset other expenses.

Selling your property can also yield big dividends after equity has been built up in the property.

1031 Exchange allows you to sell an investment property and defer capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes, assuming reinvestment of 100% of equity into “like kind” property of equal or greater value. Also referred to as a tax free exchange, tax deferred exchange, tax exchange, or Starker exchange.

The compounding effects of leveraging the equity in investment property over several holding periods can potentially produce higher actual dollar returns, new depreciation schedules to tax shelter cash flow, and accelerate equity accumulation.



…should you apply your investing efforts?

When seeking to design your long term or short term personal investment strategy, one must first be informed of their options. There are several different property types available to investors.

Rehab Properties

  • ~ Properties that need renovations
  • ~ Finance with Hard Money Loan
  • ~ Refinance to pull out equity
  • ~ Beneficial to investors that need cash
  • ~ Short term

Rental Properties

  • ~ Properties with renovations complete
  • ~ Produce positive cash flow on a monthly basis
  • ~ Good for investment portfolio
  • ~ Long term

Multi-Family Properties

  • ~ Properties with multiple units (i.e. duplex, triplex, apartments)
  • ~ Low risk because of spreading the risk among multiple units
  • ~ Produce positive cash flow on a monthly basis
  • ~ Long term

Pre-Sale/New Construction

  • ~ New properties that are purchased at a discounted price in the beginning stages of development.
  • ~ Purchase at the discounted rate, hold, and resale later at market price.
  • ~ Requires little up-front money
  • ~ Long term



…should you allow Keith Tate, Tate Investments LLC,  to manage your investment portfolio?

I strongly believe in building enduring customer relationships through the provision of innovative real estate investments that evolve with my clients needs throughout the course of their lives. I provide a high quality service that enhances and cultivates the real estate purchases and investments of my clients.

My personal mission is to empower my clients by sharing with them the knowledge of the security and stability, as well as the higher growth potential and higher income found in the exciting world of real estate investing.



 …can you maximize the value of your investment portfolio?

Whereas most other investments do not offer significant leverage, property offers tremendous leverage through the generous application of mortgage financing. I have a team of competent and knowledgeable  agents available to assist my clients with creating revenue through buying and selling real estate by offering:

  • ~ Above average returns so it doesn’t take forever to achieve your goals.
  • ~ Timely, up-to-date reporting but with a minimum of paperwork.
  • ~ Easy to understand systems and processes.
  • ~ Dependable, professional fund management.
  • ~ Tax savings wherever possible.
  • ~ Peace of mind combined with high returns